Totally Mild’s Down Time will keep you toasty this winter

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Winter is coming, which means it’s time to find some toasty tunes to keep you warm at night. Lucky for you, Melbourne four-piece Totally Mild have just released the perfect tracks for your lonely winter down time. Elizabeth Mitchell’s solo project turned four-piece have a cool new look to go with their warm new sound. Adding Full Ugly and The Great Outdoors’ Zachary Schneider, Kes Band’s Lehmann Smith and Zone Out’s Ashley Bundang to the mix, the one-man-band has ripened into your new favourite dream pop outfit.

Totally Mild

Thematically complex, musically diverse, and simply put, a whole lotta fun, Totally Mild’s Down Time is a fantastic effort from Elizabeth Mitchell and co.

Recording Down Time with James Cecil (Super Melody) at Electric Dreams and mastering it with John Lee at Phaedra, they wanted their debut album to be “really classic pop”. When asked how the band’s sound has developed since the solo days Elizabeth said, “We’ve changed a lot since we first started, we used to be a lot more folk. I think the basic elements are still the same though, lots of melody and vocal layering. Having the band as it is now, with everyone writing their own parts, means that it’s very collaborative and moves away from initial song ideas more than when I was just recording mostly by myself.” Released through Bedroom Suck, stay in and kick back with your soundtrack to the lonely season.

Your down time begins with opening track Christa. Relaxed and slow, laid back guitars keep the mood blissfully simmered down. Woozy vocals soon pipe up and make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, before the rainy rhythm sweeps in and turns the tune grey. When I’m Tired continues to dance in that dreamy head space. A light tune about a dark nightmare, it quickly unravels after bright-eyed Elizabeth announces in her falsetto that “I had a good day today!” Backed by a twisted sunny melody and lyrics about houses burning, the bad dream swells until you are jolted awake by the closing harmony. Bringing more of the swoony sensations, Nights tells the tale of love and loneliness. Moody and melancholic, sax rains down on the falsetto and grips your emotions, taking you on a long and lingering nostalgic ride.

Moments of happiness, despair, loneliness and truth flood this dreamy debut album. Work it Out, Battleship and Money or Fame continue the relatable tale of trying to get your shit together to overcome your insecurities and grow up. Elizabeth’s personal lyrics are simple but honest, like you’re having a chat with a good old pal. Throw in some hazy bass lines and warm saxophone and you have yourself an album’s worth of tunes fit for your lonely winter down time.

But, before you get too down in the dumps, Totally Mild are joining the Terrible Truths, Miss Destiny, Empat Lima, Tempura Nights, Bloods, Major Leagues, Le Pie, Palm Springs, Suiix, Totally Mild and Julia Why? on Rice Is Nice’s all Aussie gals who are rockin it second edition mixtape. Super excited to be on the compilation, Elizabeth said, “It’s great to highlight and celebrate the women making music around us.” With all proceeds going to YWCA Australia, make sure you grab your $10 limited release cassette copy on May 1. And then, be a pal and swing by Totally Mild’s album launch at the John Curtin on May 8 to get cosy with the crew.

May 8 – The John Curtin, Melbourne w/ Geoffrey O’Connor, Milk Teddy, Caroline No + Habits

May 9 – The Eastern, Ballarat w/ Monnone Alone + Bleach Boys

May 21 – The Phoenix, Canberra w/ Wives + Passive Smoke

May 30 – Trainspotters, Brisbane

June 13 – 107 Projects, Sydney

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