Trent-Jean serves soft-rock swagger on defiant new single ‘Electric’

Trent-Jean serves soft-rock swagger on defiant new single ‘Electric’

Trent-Jean has marked the onset of his debut album with a brand new single and accompanying music video for Electric.

Trent-Jean has released Electric, the first single to be lifted from his upcoming debut album DEATHIS4L’ILLUSION. The soft-rock track serves as a showcase for the multi-hyphenate musician’s distinct vocals, with grungy harmonies and lyrics around finding a lover amidst a “cruel, cruel world.” Flanked by screechy guitar strums and echoing vocals, Electric sees Trent-Jean evoke all the sonic energy its title suggests, chiefly through his high-octane instrumentation. 

“I’m driving on the highway, empty,” Trent-Jean sings defiantly on the track’s first verse, “because I see the starlight on my eyes.” Vivid imagery like this remains a throughline on Electric, which touches on everything from ageing to a romance that “was always there.” Elsewhere on the single, Trent-Jean belts out a thunderous drum sequence that makes way for an anthemic final chorus backed by his own layered harmonies. 

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Towards the latter half of the track, Trent-Jean switches out more clamorous instruments with softer piano keys, which match the overarching melody for a blissful outro and gradual fade out. Electric is accompanied by an official music video, which sees Trent-Jean enjoying a colourful recording session alongside a guitar-wielding muse. 

She can be seen mouthing along with the infectious lyrics and lazing in a sunflower bed, before Trent-Jean ditches his leather jacket for a shirtless drum solo à la Iggy Pop. Elsewhere, the singer dims the lights and hops in front of the microphone for a dazzling light show. “The video expresses the angst of wanting to catch someone that is lightning (or ‘Electric’), and the reality of the difficulty of catching lightning in a bottle, no matter how close it is to you, it’s very rarely caught.” Trent-Jean explained in a press statement. 

Watch the music video for Electric above, and scroll down to stream the new single. Electric will form part of the tracklist of DEATHIS4L’ILLUSION, Trent-Jean’s upcoming debut album. Elsewhere, the singer has released a swathe of standalone singles, including the 2022 pop-punk banger HGH3R and the grittier DOWN2RUN the year prior. DEATHIS4L’ILLUSION will be released under 9th-Dimension Records, a label co-created by Trent-Jean and fellow artist Krumple Krink. 

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Trent-Jean’s first album was borne out of close collaboration with Rob Grant, whose other clients include the likes of Miley Cryus, Tame Impala and Lenny Kravitz. Speaking of DEATHIS4L’ILLUSION in a press statement, Trent-Jean said: “Pop a double shot espresso, lock up your grandmothers and raise your kombuchas to the skies, cause the world is going to be in for wild beautiful ride.” Listen to Electric below, and keep an eye out for future releases from Trent-Jean soon.