Triple J are currently in “serious talks” about changing the date of the Hottest 100

Following increasing public backlash about triple J’s annual Hottest 100 falling on the controversial date of January 26th – Australia Day – the station are currently in “serious talks” about changing the date of the beloved music poll. The decision is slated to be handed down later this week, Pedestrian reports.

hottest 100

Massive news! Triple J are currently in “serious talks” about moving the date of the Hottest 100. The decision is said to be made later this week.

Pedestrian have revealed that there have been multiple “closed door meetings between ABC bigwigs” about the decision.

Triple J have also been reaching out to particular Indigenous Australian artists for their opinion on the debate; and there has been all-staff conversation on the topic between ABC employees.

The news comes just a week after The Australian published a scathing op-ed berating triple J’s “anti-establishment ethos”; and after Melbourne man Brendan Busch launched a competition aimed at pressuring the station to change the date of the Hottest 100 whereby the winner would receive a ticket to Falls Festival if they successfully lobbied triple J into caving, as reported by Fasterlouder.

Whatever the outcome for the Hottest 100, the conversation is an important one, bringing to light well-overdue discourse about the nature of Australia Day – or Invasion Day, however you want to look at it – on a platform that invites contribution from young Australians as much as it does the more seasoned social and political commentators.

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