Trust Punks

When you think of Socialist Punk you probably don’t think New Zealand, but it’s alive and kicking in the form of Auckland boys Trust Punks. The five piece are producing indie, almost-friendly-but-not-quite rock and have started to make waves at home and here in Aus-land. The band have only released a few singles but they are already getting attention for it, taking them on tour through the major cities in Australia last year.

trust punks band

Their unfinished, gritty sound in tracks like Draag give them a slightly Velvet Underground feel – if Velvet Underground’s drug of choice were amphetamines and not heroine. In Prone Hold the band take on a more upbeat sound with more melodic vocals and mild undertones of 90’s grunge as is becoming more and more common in the alternative New Zealand music scene at the moment. Karl Marx Real Doll is where the proper punk shines through with the use of a second set of vocals taking on the more characteristic noise of disaffected youth. In fact, it’s quite easy to mistake the band for a bunch of rag tag Manchester kids, and I don’t think it would be a stretch to guess that the band are heavily influenced by British music.

It’s great to see the ever increasing presence of Kiwi indie rock taking over the Aus music scene at the moment and Trust Punks are another justified reason for that.



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