Mega Ogre @ The Zoo

In the Chinese lunar calendar, 2014 is the year of the Horse – people born in this year are apparently clever, kind, animated and energetic. In the Brisbane sugarcane calendar, 2014 marks the year of the Ogre, Queenslanders believing that people born in this year are large, green and have layers (just like onions). To celebrate the year of the Ogre, the city’s favourite space-ogre band Mega Ogre are throwing a party this Saturday (8th Feb) TONIGHT (7th Feb) at The Zoo with their mates F.T. Coker, Stuart Daniel Hoy and Velvet 11.

mega ogre

Mega Ogre make music for space cowboys with fashionable haircuts – heavy handed servings of jangle and creepy floating synthesisers (courtesy of the amazing Arturia Minibrute) abound in their single The Ethereal Darkness Beyond The Planet Earth. They only have one song on the whole internet*, but it seems to me that space is more of a broad theme than a musical influence, which makes it a little more Red Dwarf than Battlestar Galactica. That’s a good thing, by the way.

F.T. Coker are grounded in the realities of life on solid ground, echoing things like pine forests, mediterranean women and pastoral agriculture – the simple things you can’t get in space. Despite being a folk band who use harmonies, Lucia is still a pretty cool song. Stuart Daniel Hoy is very similar, but just one dude.

Tix are $10 on the door (or $8 from an Ogre), doors swing open at 8pm.



*If you guys have more, send em over to [email protected] – I need my ogre fix