Turns out the sombrero on this tequila bottle is actually for salt, and people are losing it

In breaking news, we have a story for all of you tequila lovers out there. As you know, a tequila shot is nothing without the salt and lime that goes along with it.

But did you know that you’ve been using Sierra Tequila bottles wrong all along? Turns out these bad boys are multifunctional.

sierra tequila sombrero

Note that little sombrero atop the Sierra Tequila bottle – turns out it has quite a few party tricks.

Along with a lime squeezer and the perfect shot measuring container, the sombrero is actually there to help you salt your glass! Turns out the rim of the sombrero was crafted specifically for this purpose and the whole of humanity have taken a while to work this out.

The discovery was made by Twitter user Jack Mull just last week and the rest of the world has been blown away ever since with his post going viral across several social media sites:

“I was today years old when I realised the sombrero on the top of the bottle of tequila was so you could salt your glass.”

The responses have also been hilarious.

Here at Happy, we are the masters of solving problems you didn’t know needed to be solved. So we say, add a touch of Mexican authenticity to your tequila drinking at home with this little hack. Bottoms up!