The Blue Wiggle Anthony Field hilariously trolls Donald Trump

Donald Trump has been left at the hands of internet trolls all around the world after his latest rally flunked hard despite his predictions, leaving him feeling blue. 

And yes, that pun was very much intended, because now, the blue member of The Wiggles, Anthony Field, has weighed in on Trump’s epic rally failure. 

Trump was expecting one million supporters at his rally, but after only 6000 showed up, our favourite blue Wiggle made the perfect meme out of the presidential failure. 

Donald Trump had claimed that his rally would attract an unbelievable number of supporters, some with up to one million Trump-lovers. However, the recent re-election rally in Oklahoma attracted a measly 6000 people. What makes this even funnier is that The Wiggles sold out the arena which has a capacity of 19,000 people. 

“To be fair, we had a better light show,” Field joked on Twitter, retweeting an image which compared the crowd at The Wiggles concert to Trump’s rally at the very same venue. He then added: “First time in Wiggle History we have trended in Politics! Free Fruit Salad for everyone is our message!”

We don’t know about you, but it appears as though our childhood hero has not only thrown shade on the US president but has added some hot potato to the mix too. And baby, it must burn.