Simultaneously heartbreaking and vibrant; Twelve Ballet share their new album Hello, How Are You?

Cairns-based two-piece Twelve Ballet craft the kind of intimate indie-folk music that wraps itself around your body – their delicate sounds are completely enthralling.

Now, the sibling duo of Sam and Ben Hope have unveiled their heart-wrenching and cathartic new album Hello, How Are You; a collection of eight tracks written in dedication to their recently passed father.

On their new album Hello, How Are You? Cairns-based duo Twelve Ballet craft an incredibly endearing album that’ll leave you feeling like you’ve known the band for years.

Across the new album, Sam and Ben navigate a captivating blend of indie-rock, pop, and folk to deliver an album that’ll leave you feeling as though you’ve known the duo personally for years.

With glassy percussion, shimmering synth lines, and vulnerable vocal delivery, Hello, How Are You? is brimming with understated ballads that feel simultaneously heartbreaking and vibrant.

He was always the first person we showed a song to, he was our roadie, he was our biggest fan,” they say of the father.

Yet he only got to hear one song off this album and that has been one of the hardest things about writing it.

For the album’s artwork, Twelve Ballet incorporated one of their fathers drawings, including him in all elements of the albums final product.

The result is a raw and truly memorable half-an-hour of music that you’ll quickly become hooked on.

Do yourself a favour and listen to the new album above, and catch Twelve Ballet live this Friday at Cairns Dinner Theatre. More info here.

Grab yourself a vinyl copy of Hello, How Are You? here.