PREMIERE: Tyler Rivers shares mesmerising new video for Take You

When Tyler Rivers dropped his latest single Take You last month, we were immediately hooked on his slick, shimmering sounds. With his effortless blend of pop, hip-hop and R&B, Rivers oozes out an incredibly addictive style of music.

Now, the artist has shared a new video for Take You; breathing new life into an already incredible track.

On his incredible new video for Take You, singer-songwriter and producer Tyler Rivers presents the perfect visual accompaniment for his slick, flawless sounds.

The new video sees Rivers performing in the very environment you’d expect – a dark, smokey, underground parking lot fitted with hypnotic neon lights. Shot and directed by Christian Kennedy, the new clip’s polished production perfectly fits the song’s smooth delivery.

With irresistible retro vibes, Take You‘s accompanying music video never distracts you from the song itself… rather adding another facet to the track’s overall presentation.

These are still early days for Tyler Rivers, but judging by everything we’ve seen so far, I think its safe to expect plenty more great tunes and music videos courtesy of this Western Australian singer-songwriter and producer.

For now, do yourself a favour and watch the new video for Take You above.