Twelve Point Buck delve into the haziness of Cheezel Dust

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There’s a blank document on the screen with work to be done, but instead, there’s something that grabs hold. A track that hits the magic button of procrastination and makes gazing at a wall the most interesting thing ever. This track review isn’t going to write itself, but Twelve Point Buck’s new one Magic Buttons is so immersive that it takes over the mental waves. Who wants to work when they can be in a poppy sludge and playing in the mud?

Cheezel Dust

Twelve Point Buck are back at their fuzzy best on the three-track Cheezel Dust, it’ll be hard not to be licking your fingers clean.

For those who don’t know, Twelve Point Buck hail from the luscious Blue Mountains and their sound is a muddy shoegaze that hooks you with an infectious pop sensibility. As their name comes from the Disney film Bambi their sound is appropriately weary, lo-fi and fuzzed out. A rolling stone may gather no moss, but Magic Buttons is a track collects sludge and turns it into something enthralling and magnetic.

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Remember your childhood, getting Cheezel dust all over your fingers? Twelve Point Buck’s latest EP, Cheezel Dust is just as finger licking good. Magic Button is a dense, deep and thoughtful track. The guitars are slow and fuzzy (As the band describes themselves), giving a sense of a dream world that’s hard to escape. The band know how to write a solo that fits with the track, and gives the ending a finale that brings out of the trance that’s created.

It’s like a spell that weaves a sonic groove into your ear. Melancholic, naked, bopping, grinding and like a dream. Bass rolling like the mountains, chunky and filled with rock. It’s near impossible not to find yourself bopping to this track. It’s simple, distorted and beautiful. Sparse drums accentuate the slowness of track and sound hypnotising, mesmerising. Drawn out, droning vocals add a storytelling telling element that makes the heart bleed every day.

Same Sex is a track written to support the LGBTQIA community. Unlike the other tracks, it’s got a brightness and hopefulness to its chugging bass. It makes you sway, just lay on the grass to and drift away. There’s a passion in the vocals, the guitars sound as if they’re played thoughtfully and with reason. The sample at the end is a good addition, a political statement that is worth hearing. Love is love and any love is better than the alternative.

Beetle is a dirty number that grinds and chunks along like a buzz saw through your skull. The bass and drums tug you along through a sonically fuzzy guitar sound that is as dark as midnight in the mountains. There’s a pain in this track, almost as if there’s a banshee trying to escape from the amplifiers. Perhaps the Zig Zag railway has become a ghost train…

If you’re looking for an EP that you can drown yourself in, that takes you away from life, that captures your attentions and thoughts, or if you feel more like procrastinating than working, push play on the Cheezel Dust and be taken away into a new world. Twelve Point Buck grab hold of you, drench you in slop and cuddle you afterwards. There’s never anything wrong with being dirty.

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