Twin One dives into a psychedelic dream grave with ‘Bones’

Synth dripping artist, Twin One, delivers a masterfully immersive tune Bone from his self-titled EP.

In a wonderland soundscape, Twin One digs up the Bones of a psychedelic dream, saturating them in synths and rapturing vocals.

The Gold Coast artist, Tom Fairlie (aka. Twin One) teams up with honey-dripping vocalist, Tilly Towler in single, Bones, just one of the five glistening tracks from his self-titled EP.

Twin One

The track is an elusive dive into a mushroom-trip painting, melting with synth daisies and dripping clouds at every turn.

There is no shortage of imagination in Twin One’s track, pushing the boundaries of experimental sound, so eloquently that it blends into a shimmering pool of bass-throbbing trances.

Bones rises from the ground with an electronic synth tune that consistently flows deep within the veins of the track.

Trickling with an electric guitar riff and subtle harmonic tones, Twin One affirms himself as an artist that takes inspiration from “natures rhythm and atmosphere”. 

Vocalist and friend of Twin One, Towler, descends from the pastel infused clouds with the hypnotic lyrics; “grab my hands and spin me all around before my bones go back into the ground”.  

Twirling with ease, Twin One paints a gorgeously synth-saturated rhythm, similar to the echoes of Tame Impala and the free-floating glides of Mac Demarco.


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Bones feels like an immersive trace down the body, the kind that sparks the nerves and gives you goosebumps.

Searching for reality, waking up from a dream, not sure I really want to”, Towler sings, a literal hand-hold to the psychedelic highs experienced with a partner, a high that can’t be reached without them, unless you can slip into the reminiscent dream that is Bones. 

Twin One has stepped on the yellow brick road of sleepy poppy fields and emerald cities, there is no turning back for him now. Check out the artists’ gorgeously hypnotising EP, Twin One, and become buried with his Bones below: