Two French artists named Differantly create amazing drawings without taking their pen off the page

Emma and Stephane are Differantly (DFT for short). Through their simple, minimalist work they’ve carved themselves a niche in the art world; creating projects with one line.

Starting with illustration and moving into sculpture, DFT’s art is meticulously crafted. You cannot simply put a pen to a page and make up a one-line drawing as you go. Each piece is planned carefully and rehearsed until the perfect take comes about, meaning there’s at least a small mountain of scrunched-up paper in the French duo’s studio.

differantly DFT

Explore notions of permanence and the importance of learning from your mistakes, Differantly has been creating beautiful, minimalistic artworks with single lines.

There’s a message hidden in these works. Time, and life, flows in a single direction and our mistakes aren’t something we can take back. Using a single, continuous line grounds DFT’s art in this reality.

View more of Differantly’s works below, and be sure to head to their website for more information.