Listen to ‘Vegetable Man’, the loopy AF unreleased Pink Floyd song from 1965

As the latest teaser for Pink Floyd’s upcoming The Early Years 1965-1972 box set, the band has premiered a previously unreleased track on BBC Radio 6.

The track Vegetable Man was written in 1965 before being recorded in 1967 with Syd Barrett on lead vocals. Seeing very little radio play at the time, the only existing versions of the song were bootlegged by fans in the 60s. Until now, at least.

vegetable man

The 1965 Pink Floyd track Vegetable Man showcases the legends at their trippiest – a few minutes of uncensored, experimental Floyd glory.

The song is an utter mind-bender, with stretched out, slowed down and fucked up harmonies and vocals dashing in and out of the mix consistently. Spoken segments interject at certain points too, jumping in where you least expected it.

Syd Barrett parted ways with Pink Floyd in 1968, reportedly due to a number of psychotic issues stemming from his heavy use of psychedelics  – most prominently LSD. Recordings with Barrett singing are a rare thing indeed, and a large part of the upcoming box set’s purpose seems to be shining a light on his contribution to the band at it’s origins.

To listen to the track, head to the BBC Radio show’s stream and jump to 51:15.

Via Pitchfork.