Forget exercise, warm those bones with the power of sweet sweet moves. Get amongst Moon Holiday’s 10 favourite dance clips

Sydney’s Moon Holiday, aka Alexandra Ward loves to get down as much as the rest of us. If you’re looking to shake a bit of tail feather, look no further than her dreamy, electro beats.

Ward’s latest clip Out of Bounds was released last month, showcasing some awesome dancers as well as a few moves from the lady herself. Watching a killer clip with someone going unashamedly bonkers can be infectious, so she’s rounded up her 10 favourite videos with either the artists or professional dancers busting a move.

dance clips

Make like Tom Cruise in Risky Business and get down like nobody’s watching, as Moon Holiday picks her 10 favourite dance clips.

Kate Bush Running Up That Hill

A mauve-hued miracle of a video. I think this style is ‘contemporary’ dance, or interpretive dance maybe. I don’t know. It’s one of my favourite ever music videos.

Rainbow Chan Pearled Into

My favourite Rainbow Chan song with a dance video directed and shot by my other BFF Ellie Graham. Choreographed by another superstar pal, Amrita Hepi. My heart explodes when I watch this video.

Pelvis Dance Freak

Loose friends in the club freestyling! Pelvis just put out their first OG track and collected iPhone footage from attendees to make this one. Many cameos from over the years when I partied more.

Oscar Key Sung Hands

This is so sexy! Oscar, Bhenji Rha and the other dancers are amazing. Also love what Tristan Jalleh has done with the trailing effect of hands and limbs.

Baba Stiltz Cherry

You’ve gotta wait until about 1:30 but then Baba Stiltz does a little at-home bedroom dancing, the sort we all have to do sometimes.

FKA Twigs Glass & Patron & Two Weeks

This one is good because you see Twigs do her thing live. I missed seeing her perform here last year because I was away.


Again some good freestyling being done here, also love when Marcus Whale sings directly towards an urn.

Sia Elastic Heart

This video actually made me cry real tears when I first saw it. Argh it still hurts. Some people thought it was inappropriate but I think it is a masterpiece.

Kanye West Fade


PJ Harvey Good Fortune

Because she is my all-time, and for that LOL handbag swinging at around 1:25. If dance is movement, this is how to move through the streets.