A Movie Poster a Day: the ambitious redesign project of Pete Majarich which took a year to complete

What did you get up to last year? Finally learned to do your own taxes like an adult? Taught yourself a new instrument? Won a Nobel Prize?

Whatever you managed in 2016, it doesn’t shake a fist at this mammoth achievement from designer Pete Majarich. His project was called A Movie Poster A Day, and you can take that literally; he spent the year redesigning a poster for exactly 365 movies.

a movie poster a day
All images: Pete Majarich

What did you accomplish in 2016? Unless you designed an aesthetic AF movie poster a day for 365 days, we don’t wanna hear about it.

It’s too often that we see redesigns that far outweigh the original poster designs for these cult classics. Maybe, just maybe, given decades to think on a film’s intricacies, you can come up with something a little more down the line?

Check out some of our favourites below, as well as an amazing video showing off every single design. Head to Majarich’s website for more.







Via The Creator’s Project.