You’ll have to pick your chin up off the floor after seeing this gorgeous bamboo turntable

Turntables just keep getting better and better. With more and more popping out of the woodwork, some crazy innovation is inevitable. Here we give you a bamboo turntable, in case you hadn’t seen it all yet.

Canadian brand Tri-Art Audio revealed its new and bamboo Sprout Series at The Montreal Audio Fest last week, SoundStage Global reports.


Tri-Art Audio have released their Sprout Series, a bamboo turntable that we likey. Get a load of that counterweight.

The new range includes the Sprout TA-0.5 Turntable which features a bamboo plinth, platter and tonearm, loaded with an Audio-Technica AT95E cartridge.

The 9″ arm has a unique counterweight system comprised of two craters filled with bronze balls, allowing adjustment without having to take the arm back to the rest each time. Suss another picture below:


The turntable alone retails for US $650, or it is US $995 with cartridge and MM phono included. Check out complete specifications and buying details right here.

While you’re here… we’re giving away an Audio-Technica turntable at the Happy Mag Issue 4 launch! Details below: