Before the return of Twin Peaks, satisfy all your David Lynch cravings with a tribute art show

The return of Twin Peaks is just around the corner, so the SPOKE gallery in NYC is throwing a David Lynch tribute show featuring works from over 80 artists.

In Dreams will feature illustrators, painters, sculptors and comic artists from around the world who each explore Lynch’s impact on art, film, music and pop culture through their own mediums.


Before the return of Twin Peaks this May, satisfy all your David Lynch cravings with these works from a Lynch tribute show.

As Creators notes, each artist was allowed to choose which subject of Lynch’s work they wanted to focus on, from Twin Peaks to Mullholland Drive. The works range from movie posters to character portraits that each dip onto Lynch’s broad emotional and stylistic palette in their own unique ways.

See a selection of the featured works here.


If you’re lucky enough to be in NYC right now, head here for more details.