Soundcloud vs. Bandcamp - the music lover's favourite new meme of 2017

The Soundcloud vs. Bandcamp meme war is unfolding as we speak. Which side do you take?

If you spend enough time on either Soundcloud or Bandcamp, you get to know the intricacies of each network like the back of your hand. They definitely each have their ins and outs, grown in part because of their frameworks, and in part due to their individual user bases.

And when you know something that well, it becomes natural to satirise it. In the process of doing just that, Twitter user J. Smith unwittingly started a spike in meme creation. Behold: Soundcloud vs. Bandcamp.

A Twitter user has unknowingly started a war of the platforms. Which side do you take in the great Soundcloud vs. Bandcamp debate?

It mainly boils down to an EDM vs. guitar music romp, poking fun at the shit they regularly do to fit into their own scenes. Check out some more of the best below: