Unknown Mortal Orchestra announce new album ‘Sex & Food’; drop insane animated video

Unknown Mortal Orchestra have announced the follow up to their brilliant 2015 album, Multi-Love. It’s to be called Sex & Food, and it’s due out April 6 via Jagjaguwar. To celebrate, the band have also released an insane animated video for lead single American Guilt, which they dropped a few weeks ago.

UMO sex and food

Unknown Mortal Orchestra announce new album Sex & Food, and to celebrate they’ve dropped an insane animated video for American Guilt.

UMO’s frontman and mastermind Ruban Nielson says the album explores “both familiar and unexpected territory,” pondering questions like “What are we consuming? How is it affecting us, and why does everything feel so bad and weird sometimes?”

Recorded sporadically between such disparate locales as Seoul, Hanoi, Reykjavik, Mexico City, Auckland, and Nielson’s home base studio in Portland, the album is slated as having a exploratory feel as the band grapple with “new, sometimes dismal realities.”

Traversing drum-machine funk, doomy rock, and pink-hued psychedelic disco, Sex & Food is shaping up to be a super exciting release from one of the world’s most revered modern psych acts. Check out the video for American Guilt below. And see more info on the album here.