Unleash your inner Freddie Mercury with this new online challenge

The passion of belting Bohemian Rhapsody with your mates at the party is all too familiar. It’s a song that sends aspiring rockstars charging to the living room, or whatever space holds the speakers. In these moments, we uphold the tragedy of Freddie’s rhapsody and the goal of holding the key and hitting those notes.

Now, to celebrate the iconic music video clocking over a billion views on YouTube earlier this year, YouTube, Google Creative Lab and Google Research have joined forces with Queen, Universal Music Group and Hollywood Records to build the much needed AI tool, ‘FreddieMeter’ to put an end to our sleepless nights (singing Queen songs.)

A new YouTube AI challenges users to belt out classic Queen like Freddie. An impossible task, we’re nonetheless up for it.

FreddieMeter works by confirming with its users “how closely their voice matches Freddie Mercury’s legendary range by analysing the singer’s pitch, timbre, and melody to assign them a score of 0 to 100.” Vocalists can pick between classic tracks like Don’t Stop Me Now, We Are The Champions, Bohemian Rhapsody and Somebody to Love.

The challenge is also support The Mercury Phoenix Trust, “a charity founded by Brian May, Roger Taylor, and their manager Jim Beach in memory of Freddie Mercury, who died in 1991 from AIDS-related causes.” 

In April, Queen announced they’ll be touring Australia in 2020. Now’s our chance to put Adam Lambert out of a job and step up to the mic ourselves. Wouldn’t that be something special…

Queen invite you to test your inner Mercury here.