People are sharing their truly unpopular musical hot takes on Reddit

Music lovers are jumping on Reddit to share their hottest takes, and they’re as frustrating as they are hilarious.

When it comes to music everyone has their unpopular opinions, but a massive Reddit thread is allowing the internet to see a whole bunch of them all in one place.

The thread was started yesterday by a Reddit user who reckons the entire genre of country music, “was never that good in the first place.”

A lot of the comments are giving off a real ‘old man yells at cloud’ energy. The most controversial comment on the thread hit a nerve straight away, reading: “Sampling is low-effort” and then goes on with a laughable argument that is getting torn apart in the comments.

An argument could be made that sampling music well can be harder than writing and recording the music in the first place. Obviously, this isn’t always the case, but if you want to see just how much work sampling can be, check out this mini-documentary about The Avalanches.

As you’d expect, there are plenty of salty, self-described music aficionados flocking to make sure we’re all aware that rap died in the ’90s and that modern rap and trap are just “boring predictable lyrics over a boring beat.”

Considering hip-hop/rap was the second most listened to genre worldwide this year… your opinion sucks Bucko.

If you keep scrolling, you’ll see about 1,000 more people hating on the Beatles:

Pretty sure their 24 million monthly Spotify listeners would beg to differ.

And then, of course, there’s a string of people that reckon Tool suck.

Whether or not the music is any good is up to personal preferences, but this commenter may have a point about the fans…

No matter what type of music you’re a fan of, there’s something to piss everybody off. But some comments are at least creative enough to make up for their awful opinions.

And some comments may actually just be right.

Then there are a few gems from commenters who just want to share their passion.

The controversial takes are definitely where you’ll find the most laughs, so if you’re in the market for a good chuckle, this thread is bound to deliver.