UNSW facing criticism from middle aged white men after allegedly teaching history correctly

In an unprecedented move, consistently neutral and valid publication The Daily Telegraph have caused a stir after their politically skewed and, frankly, racist piece regarding some teaching guidelines that have come to light from the University of New South Wales.


The teaching curriculum at UNSW says Australia was invaded by Captain Cook which has sparked outrage among an all too loud and privileged minority

UNSW have come under fire from a number of right-wing patriots for teaching in their curriculum that Captain Cook’s “discovery” of Australia was, in fact, a little more like an invasion. The word “invasion” in particular is what has thoroughly rustled the jimmies of unapologetic racists everywhere with the notion that coming to an inhabited country, claiming it as your own and proceeding to oppress and irreparably damage the lives of its original inhabitants accumulating to an invasion being, clearly, ridiculous.

Only, it’s not ridiculous, it’s fact. At the risk of over explaining, here’s the dictionary definition of invasion: noun; the entrance or advent of anything troublesome or harmful. Since the arrival of caucasian society in Australia, it’s fair to say that Aboriginals have experienced more than their share of oppression with a culture of racism and intolerance that is obviously still thriving today, even if it’s harder to see. Pretty damn troublesome if you ask me.

Many public figures have already come out in outrage on the subject, notably one Thelma Plum who, as an actual Aboriginal person, has an extremely valid opinion on the subject. Plum took aim at political commentator Alan Jones and his appearance on Channel 7’s Sunrise discussing the matter as only an out of touch fifty-something wealthy man can, victim blaming, ill-informed gibberish.

It may come as a shock to some that caucasian Australians have a history with the country that only spans a couple of hundred years. Indigenous Australians on the other hand, have lived here for over 40,000 according to research and did so happily, without issue until the British landed on Australian soil and proceeded to shake things up rather considerably, to say the least.

A number of lessons can be taken from this debacle but here are just two: 1. Let the people on the receiving end of racism define what racism is. 2. Don’t fuck with actual educational institutions when it comes to teaching actual historical facts.

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