Azealia Banks has gone after “broke and racist” Australia again

Azealia Banks has gone on another tirade against Australia, this time singling out her Australian promoters and doubling down on assertions that white Australians are “racist”.

Azealia Banks really hates Australia.

In a new tirade posted to her @Cheapyxousa Instagram story, the ‘212’ rapper has doubled down on previous sentiments that Australian audiences are racist and accused her Australian promoters Bizarro and Point Productions of scamming her.

azaelia banks broke with expensive taste

My gut instinct told me not to come down here and stay my ass home.” Wrote Banks.

Next time I will listen to myself. For I am more often than not…. always right

Banks then went on to claim that her Australian promoters Bizarro and Point Productions were “now trying to cite all these stupid things as reasons not to pay me a dime” and that “the kids at Bizarro are literal 21 year old coke heads” before rounding out her attack with “These Australian promoters are really some PUBIC LICE

Point productions has since refuted Banks’ claims, stating to news.com.au that “Her allegations against us are untrue and we disagree with her comments.

“We deliver the highest standard of excellence to all of our talent. Ms Banks was no exception.”

Perhaps Banks’ most succinct points against Australia, however, were the 1-2 punch of “$1 AUD=.61 USD” and “YALL WHITE PEOPLE DOWN HERE ARE BROKE AND RACIST LMAO.”  – ouch!

Honestly, I’m not trying to rag on Australia even more than I have been, but this little 61 cents to the dollar … I’d spend a lot more money trying to sue these Australian promoters for their little Australian pennies than I would if you just count it as charity,” said Banks. I mean, that’s not how exchange rates work, but go off I guess.

The ever-charitable, generous queen Azealia Banks. I’m not just a charity for f**kin’ Australia. I hope y’all enjoyed the shows. I had fun – I did, I enjoyed myself. I’m not coming back down here.

These spicy comments come just a week after a previous tirade against the land down under in which Banks claimed that Brisbane gave her “the most racist, most demoralising experience of my fucking life” and that the rapper’s recently concluded Australian tour would be her final in the country.

Alas, Azealia, we hardly knew thee. At least we’ll always have ‘212’.

UPDATE: Bizarro has responded to Banks’ accusations with a statement, read more here