Bizarro has clapped back at “disgraceful” Azalea Banks

Bizarro – one of Azealia Banks’ tour promoters – has described the controversial rapper’s behaviour as “disgraceful” following Banks’ accusations that they scammed her.

The tea is spilling and the dirty laundry is being aired, my friends.

Yesterday, we reported on Azealia Banks’ latest tirade, this time against her Australian promoters Bizarro and Point Productions, claiming that they were “now trying to cite all these stupid things as reasons not to pay me a dime” and describing the former promoter as “21 year old coke heads”.

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Now, Bizarro has responded to Banks’ claims, and they did not hold back.

In a lengthy statement released yesterday, Bizarro documented their account of events for the controversial tour, one they described as the most “physically and mentally draining” tour they’ve ever been involved with.

Bizarro alleges that despite repeated attempts from them to get Banks to her shows on time, she was consistently late.

We had a van waiting outside of her hotel to take her to the venue at the agreed time of 8:30,” one part of the statement reads, “she did not leave her hotel room until 10pm, arriving at the venue well beyond what would be considered reasonable”.

The promoters also labelled Banks’ claims about not paying her as “slanderous” and “entirely false”.

Whilst we have paid our fees to Azealia’s touring agent, we have also been led to believe that the majority of her tour has been paid to her personally in full, despite her willingness to burn down every show of the run,

The statement ends with a scathing indictment of Banks, saying “The lack of care she shows to her team, the people she works with and her fans was truly disappointing to see. She was not present for any press opportunities, she failed to arrive at any event in a timely manner, she willingly posted inaccurate, disrespectful and slanderous content online, and her lack of care and appreciation for her fans, who make such an event possible, was disgraceful.

Bizarro’s full statement is available below.