Explore an unfinished version of Valheim’s upcoming Mistlands biome

Valheim’s first look at Mistlands is very appropriate for the Halloween season, though the content may change in the future.

Valheim developer Iron Gate Studios is working on the game’s latest update after the warm reception of its Hearth and Home patch and Halloween exclusive decor. Soon enough the co-op survival sandbox will be receiving the Mistlands as its sixth biome out of the nine planned.

Along with the Mistlands teaser is a smaller update for the existing Mountains biome. The revealed concept art has shown us some cozy-looking caves and caverns, perhaps to offer players a brief respite from the frosty peaks and frigid winds? One can only speculate.

Image: Valheim / Iron Gate Studios

The Iron Gate team shared an updated in their latest development blog post:

“Those of you who follow Richard on Twitter might have noticed that he’s experimenting with the terrain and textures for the Mistlands, which will be our next big biome update!”

“However, please keep in mind that this is not a final version, and that the landscape will likely change quite a bit before we figure out just exactly what the Mistlands will look like.”

The Mistlands currently exist in Valheim, though they are extremely sparse and are largely unfinished. Players who venture deep enough will find ominously webbed areas littered with skeletal remains and dead trees. Spooky. The latest teaser image shows some greenery and wet rocks, so perhaps the existing areas will receive an update when Mistlands is live.

You can check out the game’s development blog here for more information about the future Valheim Mistlands update. And here’s your reminder to craft those Jack-o’-turnips before Halloween is over!