Vaping may make men twice as likely to experience erectile dysfunction

A new study claims that men who vape are more than twice as likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction.

According to new research from the U.S., there may be a correlation between vaping and struggling with ED.

Turns out Vape Nation is a lot less sexy than we thought. Just kidding… it’s never been sexy.

Credit- Elsa Donald via unsplash

Previous research has shown a clear link between smoking cigarettes and erectile dysfunction (ED) and cardiovascular disease.

Considering the similarities between e-cigarettes and acoustic ciggies, the study was performed to examine the association between vapes and ED.

The study published in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine began with 13,711 participants however, the number was reduced to 11,207 men, none of whom had a previous diagnosis of cardiovascular disease.

In the larger group, men who vaped were 2.2 times more likely to experience erectile dysfunction. In the reduced group, the figure rose to 2.4.

Half of all participants in the study used to smoke cigarettes with 14% of the men now using vapes and e-ciggies and 21% who still smoked the old fashioned cigarette.

10% of all participants recorded that they suffer from ED.

The experts who conducted the study think this correlation may be because the ability of blood vessels in the penis to dilate is restricted as a result of high nicotine levels reducing blood flow.

Beyond that, researchers think that the chemicals in nicotine fluids could reduce the body’s level of testosterone.

Research still shows that e-ciggies are healthier than a regular cigarette but there is a definite relationship between both options and sexual health problems.

The study didn’t clarify which of the two was worse for making men more at risk of erectile issues but there have been far fewer studies into vapes and e-cigarettes so the jury is still out on just how bad they really are.

So next time you think vaping is cool (has anyone ever thought that?) you may want to remember that it may significantly cool you down in the bedroom, right when you don’t want it to.