A high-tech penis ring monitors erectile dysfunction

The Adam Sensor – a device shaped like a penis ring – aims to uncover the “root cause of erectile dysfunction” in impotent men.

Attention please! Men, there’s now a device that can help you determine whether or not your penis is doing what it’s supposed to be doing.

The Adam Sensor – developed by UK-based men’s health company Adam Health – is pretty straightforward. Before going to bed, users slip the rechargeable ring-shaped sensor over their penis and settle it around the base of the shaft. A dressing is provided to serve as a barrier between the skin and ring.

The Adam Sensor
Image: Daily Mail

When describing the product on their website, Adam Health promises that “[t]he sensor is small, compact and completely non-obstructive”. It’s designed to be worn when asleep to prevent users having to wake up to check themselves.

While users are catching some shut-eye, the ring will measure the size and time of the person’s erections.

An app on the user’s phone gathers/records this information to produce “a report of the night time’s erection activity for the person to view within the morning”.

The director and co-founder of Adam Health, Marinos Alexandrou, hopes that the new technology will make it easier for men to uncover the reasons behind their (potential) impotency. Simply put, there are two main reasons for this: a physical one (organic) and a mental one (psychogenic).

“If you are unable to achieve or maintain adequate erections it may indicate the presence of an underlying medical condition,” Alexandrou said when speaking to the Daily Mail.

“In broad terms, ‘physical’ or organic erectile dysfunction derives from a reduction in the blood flow in the penis caused by damage to the wall of the penile arteries.”

“As a consequence, all erections are affected by this.”

Image: Daily Mail

“In the case of psychogenic erectile dysfunction, things like performance anxiety can cause a temporary reduction in the blood flow to the penis and this causes a lack of erection,” said Alexandrou.

“Typically patients complain of a lack of erections when they are trying to engage in sexual intercourse while nocturnal erections are normal.”

A healthy penis experiences three to five erections in one night. Each one lasts approximately 45 minutes. During this time, the body floods the third leg with oxygenated blood to maintain its overall health.

Erectile dysfunction (aka impotence) is a medical condition that relates to a man’s ability “to obtain” and maintain an erection suitable for sex.

According to Healthdirect, it “affect[s] about 1 in every 5 men over the age of 40”.

“About 1 in 10 men cannot have erections. The problem is more common in older men,” their website reads.

The Adam Sensor will be available for £50 (approximately $92 AUD) from next April.