Watch this tapir literally scratch its back with its penis

If you thought a donkey’s you-know-what was impressive, the Tapir penis provides some seriously stiff competition.

The Tapir are funny looking creatures and unfortunately an endangered species, but they are evidently pretty good at problem-solving.

When it comes to an itch you can’t scratch, some might use a fork or a back-scratcher apparatus – but what does the male tapir do? He uses his penis. His tapenis.

Tapir penis Scratching
Image: metro.co.uk

There’s really not a whole lot more to say other than that the tapir is well-known for its prehensile penis (also terrifyingly known as a gripping penis) which is used to keep hold of a female during tapir mating to ensure successful insemination.


Once pregnant, the female tapir stays that way for over a year, (roughly 13-14 months). According to IFL science, as tapirs can only produce one little calf at a time, if the population’s number were to decline, due to hunting or deforestation, it is unlikely that they would ever recover. If ever there was a reason to save the trees, it’s this adorable spotty little face. Look how cute!


With its little stumpy arms it makes sense that the tapir would seek out an alternative method for reaching its own back. Look at this clever tapir male enlisting the help of a scratched penis instead. They’re not as clear as 720p gibbon images but they do the trick!

You can watch the enormous tapir dick performing his scratches on penis action here. Go ahead, you know you want to see this prehensile penis do its thing! Don’t pretend you’re curious enough to penis watch like everybody else.