Both species of African elephant are now officially endangered

Both species of African elephant – the savanna and the forest elephant – have now been listed as endangered.

According to The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, both African elephants are no longer vulnerable – they’re officially endangered. As per this list, the savanna elephant is now listed as “endangered,” while the forest elephant is now considered “critically endangered.”

According to the IUCN’s latest assessments, there was a “broadscale decline in African elephant numbers across the continent.” The number of forest elephants fell by 86 per cent over a period of 31 years, while the number of savanna elephants decreased by at least 60 per cent over the last 50 years.

Forest Elephants

“Africa’s elephants play key roles in ecosystems, economies, and in our collective imagination all over the world. Today’s new IUCN Red List assessments of both African elephant species underline the persistent pressures faced by these iconic animals,” said IUCN Director-General Dr Bruno Oberle.

“The international community also has a critical role to play in ensuring poaching levels continue to drop significantly for this species to have a chance at recovery…We must continue to effectively engage key consumer groups to further advance this downward trend for forest elephants to have a chance to bounce back,” said Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF) African Species Director Bas Huijbregts.