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Engineering the Sound: are the FOCAL Clear Mg Professional headphones worth the price tag?

The FOCAL Clear Mg Professional wants to be your next set of mixing cans. The Engineering the Sound team tuned in and listened.

The team at Engineering the Sound was lucky enough to get their hands on — and their ears in — the Clear Mg Professional from French audio company, FOCAL. Weighing in at around $2,000 AUD, this is definitely at the premium end of the headphone scale. So, are they worth the hit to the hip pocket?

On first inspection, the offering is very impressive indeed. Shipping in a luxurious clamshell case, with accompanying premium cables, the ‘wow’ factor is real. But for the studio pros, it’s all in the listening.

The frequency response from the pure magnesium cones spans 5 Hz to 23 kHz. And because of this extended response (beyond the limits of human hearing), the extremities of the spectrum are well-catered for. Subs are clean and accurate, highs are effortlessly detailed. Yep, you’ll be hearing brand new elements of mixes you know and love when you don these cans.

It’s also important to be comfy in your headphone world. We’ve all known the frustration of sweaty earcups and flaky headbands. And though it’s a pricey product, FOCAL has cleverly eschewed leather on the earcups. The combination of memory foam and microfibre makes for a lightweight and enjoyable experience over the long-term.

FOCAL Clear Mg Professional ETS article

Listening, for music fans and audio professionals alike is a subjective experience. There is, however, little doubt that the combination of comfort, accuracy and musicality that the FOCAL Clear Mg Professional headphones dish up is compelling.

If you’re looking to make a serious investment in your monitoring gear, or you just have a hankering to listen to your favourite music with a new level of depth, the Clear Mg Professional is well worth an audition.

For more info, visit the FOCAL website.