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Unlocking Spatial Audio: OLLO S5X 1.1 Delivers Precision and Immersion in Mixing

‘You can’t mix it, if you can’t hear it’ well, the OLLO S5X 1.1 lets you hear it all.

Marketed as a Spatial Mixing Headphone, The S5X 1.1 is right at home in the current music streaming climate. The influx of Dolby Atmos and spatial audio releases took the industry by storm and left seasoned engineers grasping for a solution to their clients needs. The S5X 1.1 addresses this issue with an answer that is both affordable and reliable.

OLLO is the brainchild of Rok Gulič, an idea born out of frustration for the lack of intentionality in the Pro Audio headphone sphere. Sometimes, it feels like those who design studio headphones have never mixed a day in their life, but this is not the case with OLLO. The attentive detail to the spatial imaging is something that only the mind of a mixing engineer could articulate.

The ability to offer a clearly defined phantom centre with no sacrifice for fidelity on the sides is remarkable. The frequency response is tuned to perfection and incredibly balanced, with a beautiful airy high end, accompanied by some of the tightest low end we’ve experienced on a pair of headphones.

However, the true stand out for me was the sense of depth in the low mids. The ability to look into a murky mess and confidently clear it up is usually reserved for the finest built mix rooms in the world. Now you can have that luxury wherever you go.

The OLLO S5X 1.1 is a no-brainer in this mixing economy. You’ll be hard-pressed to find such an intuitively designed headphone at this price point, not to mention the included unit-specific calibration file and a licence to their calibration plug-in. For 539 Euros, you really can’t fault them.

Check out the OLLO website for more information.