Linkin Park unveils unearthed Gem “Friendly Fire” featuring Chester Bennington’s iconic vocals

Get your tissues out, this is emotional as fuck, Linkin Park releases a teaser featuring Chester Bennington’s vocals from 2017

Linkin Park just dropped a bombshell teaser, unveiling a sneak peek into the past with “Friendly Fire” – an unreleased gem featuring the unmistakable vocals of the late Chester Bennington. Brace yourselves for the feels as we unravel the layers of this unexpected musical journey.

Taking us back in time, “Friendly Fire” emerges from the depths of Linkin Park’s creative vault, a hidden treasure recorded during the sessions for their 2017 album “One More Light.” The track, unfortunately tucked away just two months before Bennington’s untimely departure, offers a poignant glimpse into the band’s artistic process during that pivotal era.

linkin park unreleased track

Chester Bennington’s voice, a powerhouse of raw emotion and vulnerability, continues to echo in the hearts of fans worldwide. “Friendly Fire” acts as a vessel, resurrecting Bennington’s unparalleled talent and artistry, ensuring his memory lives on and providing solace to those who hold his music dear.

As the teaser unveils, it brings with it an air of mystery, leaving fans hungry for more. The haunting lyrics, “We’re pulling the trigger in a useless war,” invite introspection into themes of conflict and self-reflection. The curiosity mounts, sparking questions about the song’s lyrical depth and its potential ties to Bennington’s personal journey.

But it’s not just about looking back – “Friendly Fire” symbolizes Linkin Park’s unwavering commitment to honoring their fallen comrade. Sharing this untold chapter with the world underscores the band’s deep reverence for Bennington’s legacy and their earnest desire to maintain a profound connection with fans through their music.

No doubt, this revelation has ignited passionate discussions and speculations within the Linkin Park fanbase and the broader music community. It’s a unique opportunity to celebrate Bennington’s enduring talent, dive into the intricate layers of the band’s creative evolution, and eagerly anticipate the potential release of a song that holds both historical and emotional significance. Get ready for a musical journey that’s bound to leave a lasting impact.



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