Music Video Premiere: Darvid Thor’s single take gem ‘To Remember Yourself’

Darvid Thor shares ‘To Remember Yourself,’ a gritty, single take music video shot on 16mm film

Darvid Thor is back, gracing listeners with his latest single, “To Remember Yourself,” and marking his exciting signing to Naarm/Melbourne’s vibrant label, Beloved Recordings.

This introspective track departs from the typical indie narrative, inviting us into the complexities of adulthood and the tapestry of life’s experiences.

Following the acclaim of his 2019 debut, “I’m Never Really Here,” Darvid’s songwriting shines.

He masterfully transforms the ordinary into the serene, creating a sound defined by equanimity.

“To Remember Yourself” reflects the ebb and flow of life, a “1 step forward, 2 steps back” dance reminding us to find our center even when lost.

This collaboration is evident in every element. Lewis Coleman, a fellow Beloved artist, co-produces, bringing a softness and warmth previously hinted at in Darvid’s music.

Hudson Whitlock’s percussion and Lewis Coleman’s bassline set the mood, while buttery synths and Georgia Camper’s enchanting vocals elevate Darvid’s lyrics.

The accompanying music video further deepens the experience. Shot on Kodak 16mm film, its single-take, no-edit approach is visually gritty and striking.

Co-directed with the iconic Bridgette Winten, the video utilises movement and dance, featuring Darvid and close friend Elena Foreman, to embody themes of self-connection and impermanence.

This single marks a departure for Darvid. Moving beyond self-recording and producing, he embraces a collaborative process fueled by community and friendship.

Surrounded by talented artists like The Cactus Channel and Winten, he celebrates the power of shared artistic vision.

“To Remember Yourself” drops on February 22nd, marking a significant step in Darvid’s evolution.

Don’t miss this chance to rediscover yourself through Darvid’s melodies and captivating visuals.

Darvid is joining Lewis Coleman, Rowena Wise and Minton at Beloved Recordings showcase in March, check out the dates below: