Got the midweek blues? Here’s 6 new tracks to boost your mood

Let us help you get over the midweek slump with some of the best new music, coming out of Australia the rest of the world

Ahhh Wednesdays, sometimes you need a little something extra to get you over the hump, and tbh, it’s not another coffee, and it’s not the donut sitting all lonely in the office fridge, it’s music that gives you what you need. Sweet sweet music.

Check out six drops that are improving our midweek mood, from Khruangbin’s wistful “May Ninth” to N3WYRKLA’s genre-bending pop, and Elsy Wameyo’s introspective “Sinner,” we’ve got something for everyone.

elsy wameyo new music

Plus, MGMT and Nick Ward deliver their latest offerings, a duet with Chris and a thought-provoking pop anthem.


N3WYRKLA, the rising artist from New Jersey, is quickly gaining momentum in the US alternative scene. Bridging pop, rock, and experimental R&B, her latest seven-track EP, “it’s not you, it’s me,” showcases her versatility and reflects on past relationships. With tracks like “dumb with you” and “not enough” featuring Brent Faiyaz, she proves to be a genre-fluid talent to watch in 2024 and beyond.


Khruangbin has released “May Ninth,” a wistful and mid-tempo track from their upcoming album “A LA SALA.” The song showcases the band’s signature warmth, featuring American roots-inspired guitar lines and airy vocals, with background sounds like birds singing. This exemplifies Khruangbin’s unique use of environmental sounds as textures, creating an interconnected atmosphere for “A LA SALA.” The album, the band’s first in four years, is set to be released on April 5.

Elsy Wameyo

Elsy’s diverse blend of psychedelia, hip-hop, soul, and R&B shines in “Sinner,” where she explores her innermost thoughts with confidence. The track features fast-switching raps and a collaborative effort with Kenyan producers Wuod Omollo and Polycarp Otieno. Accompanying the release is a cinematic music video directed by Elsy and Danny Skilton, portraying her in various church settings to symbolize the yin and yang. Elsy reflects on the single, stating, “Life will forever be a fight between the good and the bad. I call it the sinner’s condition. In the end, only the strong will survive.” Elsy is about to embark on a national tour – check out dates here.


JessB of Aotearoa unveils her Hip Hop club track, ‘Come Find Me,’ via Say Less and Warner Music Australia. Co-written and recorded in Europe with producer M.O.W Music, the song delves into self-discovery and community connection. JessB expresses the importance of knowing oneself, highlighting personal growth without relying on external validation. The track is accompanied by a visualizer capturing JessB at her Tamaki Makaurau QTPOC club night event, FILTH, co-founded with DJ Half Queen. With more to come in 2024, JessB solidifies her position as a global musical force.

MGMT featuring Christine and the Queens

MGMT offers a final preview of their upcoming Mom + Pop album “Loss Of Life” with the release of ‘Dancing in Babylon,’ featuring Christine and the Queens’ Chris in the band’s first-ever duet. The music video, directed by MGMT’s long-time collaborator Ray Tintori, includes performances by John Cameron Mitchell and British actor Julian Morris. Chris expresses excitement about joining MGMT’s “multiverse” and collaborating on this “power ballad.” MGMT describes the video as a “prodigious affair” involving a cosmic mille-feuille and a surreal war scene reinterpretation. Chris adds, “Love songs cure despair. End of transmission.” 

Nick Ward

And for an extra dose of pop, Nick Ward debuts his latest single, “Gimme,” co-written and co-produced with Gab Strum, offering a glimpse into his upcoming debut album. Far from an average pop offering, “Gimme” explores the nuances of over-analysis, appealing to discerning listeners. The song reflects on Nick’s 17-year-old self grappling with identity and fluidity in sexuality, drawing inspiration from the emotions of that time. The accompanying music video, conceptualized by Nick and his twin brother Tom Ward, along with director Charles Buxton-Leslie, mirrors the song’s intensity. Inspired by the film “After Life” by Hirokazu Kore-eda, the video depicts Nick directing his life story, casting someone to play his younger self, and navigating real-life casting challenges.