Indie queen St. Vincent’s follow-up to ‘Daddy’s Home’ is on the horizon, featuring collabs with Dave Grohl and Cate Le Bon

St. Vincent is back, and she’s ditching the sunshine for something darker, grittier, and well, frankly, a little psychotic’

St. Vincent, aka Annie Clark, is back, forget the playful melodies of “Daddy’s Home,” because this time, she’s concocting a “psychotic” sonic brew that promises to be darker, grittier, and deeply introspective.

Prepare for a headfirst dive into a soundscape where classic rock riffs collide with 80s synth anthems, all under a dark, brooding sky.

St Vincent

This ain’t your average pop album; it’s a thrilling adventure through a genre-bending fever dream.

Clark herself describes the album as “urgent and psychotic in equal parts,” hinting at a raw vulnerability wrapped in a powerful sonic tapestry.

She’s delving deeper into her “own sonic vocabulary,” embracing vintage analog synths and “lots of guitars” to create something electrifying and unpredictable.

This isn’t the St. Vincent of playful personas and witty lyricism; instead, brace yourself for a closer, harder look into her artistic core.


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But Clark isn’t embarking on this journey alone. Joining her are two musical heavyweights who promise to add even more layers of intrigue and genre-defiance.

Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl, a legend in his own right, brings his thunderous drumming skills to the mix. Meanwhile, Welsh songstress Cate Le Bon injects her signature avant-pop flavor, ensuring that every turn on this sonic path takes you somewhere unexpected.

Imagine the iconic riffs of Grohl colliding with Le Bon’s ethereal soundscapes, all anchored by Clark’s visionary direction. It’s a creative explosion waiting to happen.

While the release date remains a mystery, the music world is already abuzz with anticipation. Fans are dissecting every cryptic hint Clark drops, piecing together clues and eagerly awaiting the first taste of this “psychotic” masterpiece.

This isn’t just an album; it’s an artistic exploration, a genre-defying statement, and a journey that promises to leave you breathless.

Get ready to clear your schedule to lose yourself in St. Vincent’s electrifying new world. It’s set to be a musical journey you won’t want to miss.