NazTheMoon releases her post-hardcore single Crimson

Memphis based alt-rock artist NazTheMoon underscores the trials and tribulations of addiction, and the shaking loose of the past

Growing up in Louisiana, Naz never suspected she would eventually begin living out her passion for music.

Upon moving to Memphis she found herself surrounded by likeminded individuals through which she could share her sound. Thus, her musical journey began.

NazTheMoon single 'Crimson'

Taking inspiration from the likes of Dream State and Sleep Token, Naz channels her angst into melodic post-hardcore rock.

Combining a softness induced by her vocal and a heaviness spawned from the wall of guitars and spacious grooves, Crimson is dark and inviting.

The song itself is a visceral representation of becoming lost in oneself and in time.

Glued to a darkened place, Crimson is the upheaval of negative patterns and the creation of something better.

Both the losing and the discovering live side by side in this viscous existence.

Addressing herself as a child, Naz offers an emotive chorus. Slightly off-kilter harmonies add to the unease that Crimson feeds on. “I feel no love, only my sins.

A breakdown in the bridge, grittily distorted guitars and a hooky chorus places Crimson firmly as an alt-rock decedent.

It is clear the Naz uses her music as a catharsis, as most of the best writers do. Crimson is teeming with potential.

With a lock on her genre and tastes, the 19 year old is shooting from an educated place.

Rife with intrinsic teenage angst, Naz captures the darkness and bottles it up.

Crimson is raw in its production, which adds to its troubled nature, although it would be exciting to hear a more polished version of what NazTheMoon has to offer.

Crimson ticks all the boxes of an alt-rock, post-hardcore jam, with its leaden instrumentation and Naz’s lamenting vocals.

Crimson is a plea and a release. It’s an introduction to an artist beginning to find their feet, no matter what it takes.

NazTheMoon has many years ahead to finesse her passions, and Crimson is the first step in revealing herself to the world as the artist she knows herself to be.