Get lost in the beauty and chaos of the Pixies’ BBC 1988-91 reissue

A potent blend of melody, dissonance, beauty, and chaos, The Pixies’ BBC sessions reveal the band at their peak

Pixies fans, rejoice! Coinciding with their sold-out tour, the legendary alternative rock band’s BBC sessions from 1988 to 1991 are finally getting the vinyl treatment they deserve.

These six sessions, five for John Peel and one for Mark Goodier, showcase the Pixies at their most electrifying.

bbc reissue the poixies

Recorded between 1988 and 1991, they capture the band’s raw energy and unbridled passion during a pivotal era.

This was a time when Black Francis, Kim Deal, Joey Santiago, and David Lovering were truly motoring out front, pushing the boundaries of alternative rock with their signature blend of surf, punk, and pop influences.

The 24 tracks on “Pixies at the BBC” span the band’s career, from early favourites like “Levitate Me” and “Hey” to later classics like “Wave of Mutilation” and “Debaser.”

There are also some sweet surprises, including two covers (“Wild Honey Pie” by The Beatles and “(In Heaven) Lady in the Radiator Song” from Eraserhead) and a previously unreleased version of “Hang On To Your Ego” by The Beach Boys.

Pixies at the BBC, 1988-91
Credit: Tom Sheehan

Originally released on CD in 1998, this new compilation features all tracks from the six sessions presented in chronological order, a change fans have been clamouring for.

This allows listeners to experience the band’s evolution firsthand, from their early rawness to their later sophistication.

“Pixies at the BBC” comes in a beautiful triple black vinyl LP or double CD package, with a stunning new sleeve design by Chris Bigg.

The design pays homage to the band’s late visual director Vaughan Oliver and features unseen archival Pixies imagery by long-time collaborator Simon Larbalestier.

The Pixies were more than just a band; they were a creative force that redefined alternative rock in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Their music was a potent blend of melody and dissonance, beauty and chaos.

Black Francis’s distinctive vocals and Kim Deal’s soaring harmonies were perfectly complemented by Joey Santiago’s swirling guitars and David Lovering’s driving drums.

But what truly set the Pixies apart was their songwriting.

Their songs were full of dark humour, surreal imagery, and raw emotion, tackling themes of love, loss, and alienation with a unique blend of wit and vulnerability.

“Pixies at the BBC” is a must-have for any fan of the band.

It’s a raw and intimate portrait of a band at the height of their powers, and it’s a testament to the enduring legacy of their music.

pixes at the bbc reissue cover


Pixies – Pixies at the BBC, 1988-91

John Peel Session 3rd May 1988 

1. Levitate Me

2. Hey

3. In Heaven (Lady In The Radiator Song)

4. Wild Honey Pie

5. Caribou 

John Peel Session 9th October 1988 

6. Dead

7. Tame 

8. There Goes My Gun 

9. Manta Ray 

John Peel Session 16th April 1989 

10. Down To The Well

11. Into The White

12. Wave Of Mutilation


John Peel Session 11th June 1990 

13. Allison

14. Velouria 

15. Hang On To Your Ego 

16. Is She Weird

Mark Goodier Session 18th August 1990 

17. Monkey Gone To Heaven

18. Ana 

19. Allison 

20. Wave Of Mutilation

John Peel Session 23rd June 1991 

21. Palace Of The Brine

22. Letter To Memphis

23. Motorway To Roswell 

24. Subbacultcha

Pixies – Pixies at the BBC, 1988-91 is out 8th March via 4AD / Remote Control Records

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