Venus Fly Trap are haunted by grief on new single ‘Faint Echoes’

Northern Rivers three-piece Venus Fly Trap explore the lingering presence of loss and grief with chilling new track ‘Faint Echoes’

Venus Fly Trap have sketched a haunting portrait of grief on their latest single ‘Faint Echoes’.

The track sees the Northern Rivers three-piece — comprised of members Tim Degen (Vocals, Guitar), Tessa Collins (Bass) and Andrew Wilkinson (drums) — reminisce on the absence of a loved one, touching on everything from indie rock to raw grunge. 

Venus Fly Trap 'Faint Echoes'

‘Faint Echoes’ opens with fuzzy surf-rock guitar melodies and thunderous percussion, setting the stage for Degen’s mesmerising vocal performance.

Here, he croons alongside haunting harmonies so ascendant they might touch the heavens, before belting out on a chorus that’s destined for sing-along status.

For his part, Collins delivers the track’s groovy throughline, with Wilkinson providing the energetic drum rolls and subtle cymbals that help maintain the momentum. 

Perhaps the major drawcard of ‘Faint Echoes’ is its blistering chorus, so euphoric and layered with harmonies you just can’t help but be swept away.

Venus Fly Trap 'Faint Echoes'

Later, the trio leave room for an extended electric guitar solo, bringing the single to anthemic heights and ensuring its place in a heaving mosh pit.

The head-thrashing soundscape belies the song’s otherwise emotional lyrics, as Venus Fly Trap detail their experience with grief and the shadows of a loved one’s absence.

The band use the image of an abandoned house haunted by a ghost as a metaphor, comparing the loss of someone to the “shadows running up and down.”

Later, Degen sings of the lingering presence of someone’s departure, painting an at-times spooky portrait of grief and its endurance.

Venus Fly Trap 'Faint Echoes'

It’s a testament to Venus Fly Trap’s artistry that such heady storytelling can be packaged within a teeth-baring rock song, proving that the three-piece can deliver on both style and substance. 

‘Faint Echoes’ follows ‘Karmas Way’ as the second single shared by Venus Fly Trap this year. Their debut single ‘Red Zone’ was released in 2023, with fellow tracks ‘WINGS’, ‘GONE’ and ‘Somewhere Else’ arriving that same year.

Listen to Venus Fly Trap’s latest track ‘Faint Echoes’ below.