VIDEO: Chatting kangaroo taxidermy, Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s lost gear and being serial bleachers with Methyl Ethel

December 5th marked the inaugural Fairgrounds Festival in Berry NSW which boasted a solid lineup including Father John Misty, Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Ratatat plus a slew of awesome local acts. Among those acts was Methyl Ethel, one of the success stories of 2015 who have enjoyed a wave of avid support for their off-kilter pop stylings. Their debut recored Oh Inhumane Spectacle was one of the best of the year and off the back of it the Perth-based trio scored multiple agency signing, at home and overseas. They also made Happy’s #1 track of the year for Twilight Driving, arguably the highest accolade in Australian music. We caught up with them at Fairgrounds, sat them on a stack oh hay and talked about taxidermy, bleach and stolen gear.