Video Premiere: Luna Ghost – Switch On

Red is the colour of danger, desire, passion. Generally if something was doused in the colour red there’d be alarm bells and calls for panic. Consumed by this firey red,  this band is fierce and powerful as they produce some hallucinations to mess and caress your mind – you know those swirling colours you see when you close your eyes, yeah there’s a lot of that coming your way. Trippy is an understatement, since you can’t expect anything less from the boys whose identity is all about making you see many and hear depth in the layers of rock.

luna ghost

Lose yourself in this Video Premiere for Luna Ghost’s Switch On. Hauntingly hypnotic shoegaze that will stimulate your senses – trap yourself in a world of passion and death.

Melbourne psychedelic, shoegaze rock band, Luna Ghost with Chris Robertson, Sean Walker, Daniel Patterson, and Pete Simeon, have a new music video for their single, Switch On, off their self-titled EP and it is sure to alert your senses, keeping you awake even in your sleep. The band released their debut EP earlier this year and it incorporates elements of psychedelia, shoegaze, rock, and outer space ambience. Their sound just washes over you  in this compelling drone, with stand out moments to make sure you don’t lose yourself to the point of no return in their music.

With the crescendos of growling guitar lines which erupt in moments of unrestrained passion,  vocals which drown in a reverb  and echo saturated environment, and percussion which drive the track along in its steady and robust beat, Switch On is a jam you can listen to while feeling completely chill but ready for a fight. Whether you side with red’s passionate rage or black’s ruthless pain, this song and video will help ward these emotions off for you. Faceless beings, abstract visions…I don’t know about you but unlike those impossible 3D illusion books,  my imagination is running wild and all I’m seeing these ghastly beasts that feel like evil omens…

Enjoy some ethereal shoegaze all day every day from Luna Ghost, who as their name suggest have to ghostly glow about them. Happy is dying for some new stuff, but for now their Luna Ghost EP is more than enough to keep us going.



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