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Video Premiere: Suren Unka – Golden Town ft. Gala

suren unka

Contrary to the cold, dystopic world we have become so accustomed to in films, this music video shines light on the future as something not to fear, but a utopia that is very possible and near. This interpretation of the future sees harmony between the natural world that remains as beautiful and secluded as ever, the preserved retro world featuring old cars, cassette tapes and the idea of simpler times, and superstructures we can only imagine – all under the pervading surveillance of an extraterrestrial kind that doesn’t seem to define how we lead our life. The ironic twist is, this is the world we live in now… minus the concrete evidence of alien lifeforms (clearly I am a non-believer).

suren unka

Suren Unka and Gala collab to make Golden Town a futuristic beauty – like something straight out of a sci-fi film, this track is set to radiate euphoria.

Auckland’s indie electro producer/live electronic artist, Suren Unka has released his latest track, Golden Town, featuring vocals from singer-songwriter, Gala – Suren released his debut album El Chupacabra earlier in April this year.

Originally written for a live set at New Zealand’s Rhythm and Vines festival, Suren Unka scouted Gala to write the lyrics for the tune. She developed the melody to express the dreamy fantasy of what her new life overseas would be like, describing it as a “reflective soliloquy on my fear of the unknown”.

Filmed in Matakana, NZ, and with Candlelit Pictures onboard, director Fergus Waveforms sought inspiration from some of J.G Ballard’s short stories which explored colourful organisms and mega-structures, to create this minimalistic, sci-fi  themed video. According to Fergus: “The thing I always liked about the stories is that to the characters, these strange environments are their everyday reality…basically, it’s a dance practice in the future!”.

Illustrator Adam Tan brought to life the fantasy world with his concepts and designs for the structures and creatures – Adam sadly passed away in November and so with the help of visual effects artist George Richie, his designs were modelled in 3D.

Golden Town is highly melodical with its futuristic and ethereal resonance, and shimmers with its layers of pristine and exuberant synths and samples. Propelled by hammering beats, and the rocketing sirens of classic space-like synths, an effervescent backdrop is created for Gala’s simply stunning vocals, which carries this smooth retroactive tone – more collabs from these two please!

Happy: What’s the concept behind Golden Town as a track and as a video?

SU: The ‘80s’ style synths in Golden Town‘, means the track has a sci-fi feel to it. When I approached the director, Fergus Burnette, about the video, I asked him to come up with a concept that reflected these futuristic undertones. Initially, I had in mind something along the lines of Blade Runner, however, this turned out to be a bit ambitious and after many cups of coffee and meet ups, we were able to come up with a futuristic concept that suited the song and budget.

Happy: What has been inspiring your latest sound? What can people expect from your up and coming EP or album compared to El Chupacabra?

SU: I’m still yet to decide what I’m doing next with my music. I’m finding my feet again and haven’t decided whether I’m working towards an album or EP this time around. At the moment, I’m in the process of opening myself up to as many new artists as possible, in order to find inspiration on where my sound will go next. Every day, an inspiring new artist I’ve found influences me. Just today, I was shown a group called Kiasmos, who have blown me away.

Happy:  How was your trip to China? What aspects of China can we expect to inspire your newest sound?

SU: China is an amazing country. I only got back a couple of days ago, and whilst I started some stuff over there, I haven’t had much time to put all my experiences into music yet. When I was over there, I bought a Chinese flute, so be expecting that in my next track.

Happy: What is it that you want people to hopefully take away from listening to your music?

SU: I hope that my sound captures experiences and emotions, in a way that is felt viscerally. I don’t often write lyrics, only sounds, so the focus of my music is melodies that I hope will entertain the unconscious.

Happy: What’s next for Suren Unka? Tours, releasing new music?

SU: To tour Australia! That’s my main at present. I’m also working on a music video for my song Weather Science, which was on my album El Chupacabra. I plan to release that early next year.

Happy: What makes you Happy?

SU: A part from finding new artists that inspire me, it’s got to be gummy lollies. If someone gives me gummy lollies, I will be super happy for the rest of the day.



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December 3, 2014

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