Video Premiere: The British Blues – Girls Like You

To an entire nation’s chagrin, the 1970’s was the decade that made this country what it is today. Winfield blues, people named Mark and Glen, the concept of the ‘dag’, facial hair named after bicycle parts and that yellow/orange colour that seems to only exist today in the form of now ancient Holden Toranas. Everything we associate with the Australian dream/nightmare is a relic from this era, and perhaps it sucks or perhaps it doesn’t, it all depends on how self loathingly unpatriotic you’re feeling today.

the british blues

Take a trip back in time with this wonderfully 70’s video from Sydney alternative folk rock band The British Blues – only on Happy.

What I do know however, is that we’re premiering a video for The British Blues (not from Britain) and it’s set sometime during those awful ten years. To the cinematographer’s benefit, he’s used the best location imaginable in this fair city to film the video for Girls Like You. Petersham fuckin’ Bowlo.

If you’ve ever had the fortune of seeing any of the hectic shit they put on upstairs (most recently the bowlo played host to Dick Diver, The Ocean Party, Cull and more in support of Asylum Seekers) or the misfortune of seeing one of the cover bands they regularly play host to, then you’ll instantly recognise the fair greens of this inner west icon. We all have that story of how “we got super pissed with the dudes from (insert band/internet startup/theatre troupe here) at Petersham bowlo” and then “totally got kicked out cause fuckin’ Eden walked on the green with his shoes on”, and it’s about time the venue got the proper Aussie tribute it deserves.

Now from reading my aforementioned disdain for our nation’s decade of dadness, you’d be forgiven for thinking The British Blues dish out your average fare of dolewave, but this (alas? relievingly? I don’t know anymore) is not the case. Girls Like You are a far more middle of the road affair, a fair bit higher in fidelity, and with a bunch of loving nods to 2009’s indie-folksplosion, or perhaps it nods to the same thing that Fleet Foxes and Bon Iver were also nodding to, except the nod here is about five years late. I prefer to think that it’s the former.

It’s also got the same chord progression/strumming pattern to that one Palms song in there, so if you liked that song but were put off by the lack of bearded men in Palms, you’ll probably like this version a lot more. There are beards aplenty in the BB’s and you’ll only have to read their artist essay biography to find out why.

So yeah, go listen to this song and watch this wonderful video. It truly is, as a PR person today unironically said, “a real crackerjack* tune!”.

*I’m gonna award myself double points here because Crackerjack was a 120 minute sexual innuendo about lawn bowls.



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