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Walrus Audio’s Julianna Deluxe dives deep into aquatic soundscapes

Walrus Audio builds on the tonal palette of the Julia Chorus/Vibrato with its bigger sister, the Julianna Deluxe.

There are some things that just work together. And for guitarists, it’s the modulated goodness of chorus and vibrato. With the new Julianna Deluxe pedal from Walrus Audio, you’ll get just that – in probably their most expansive sounding unit yet.

Walrus Audio conjured up lush, tonal soundscapes with the Julia Chorus/Vibrato. Now, Julia’s “long lost sister” Julianna emerges “from the murky ocean depths” with deluxe features.

walrus audio julianna deluxe

The Julianna Deluxe offers mild, smooth chorus to extremely washy vibrato and everything in between. With your main controls of Rate, Depth, Lag, and selectable analog LFO wave shapes, you are able to dial in all types of classic chorus and vibrato tones, plus a few unique ones that can only come from a Walrus Audio stompbox.

A tap tempo option with the Div switch is just the start of the deluxe features that the Julianna offers. There’s a Shape switch that offers sine, triangle, or random LFO waves to modulate pitch. It also possesses a stereo input and output that lets you explore the different blending options of your wet and dry signals from each channel, using the D-C-V knob.

A secondary LFO rate can be produced by holding the bypass knob when the pedal is engaged — the tap switch on the right will ramp up or down that rate. Yet, the most novel of all features is Drift. It gently speeds up and slows down the current rate of the LFO by holding down the bypass and turning the depth knob. It literally modulates your modulation!

Check out the demo video below to see the pedal in action. Head over to the Walrus Audio for more info.