Snowfish carve nuance onto the face of garage rock on their debut 'Ghost'

Snowfish carve nuance onto the face of garage rock on their debut ‘Ghost’

Unchained bass, sweltering melodies, and echoing nuance; Snowfish’s latest single is a banger ready to soundtrack your entire summer.

There’s something so compelling about garage rock. Whether it’s the larger than life choruses, the stadium-sized hooks, or the deeply personal reflections, each song aligned under this banner will feel addictively honest, speaking to experiences that most of us know yet we rarely discuss. It’s this authenticity that makes Snowfish’s debut single so formidable.

Boasting a brutal sonic and equally powerful lyricism, Ghost is a track penned for the ages. It soaks you in the salted burn of summer while navigating deep issues with clarity. It is the vibrant earthiness of Spacey Jane mixed with the acidity of Muse. It is a track that will have you pressing repeat for weeks.

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From its layered opening to its final crushing blow, Ghost is a four-minute sonic journey through the realities of our modern day. Coating agony in punchy melodies, the band navigate our digitally interconnected world, its oversaturation of information, and the alienation which emerges from this landscape. “We can delete ourselves like we were never here, we can delete ourselves from all of history,” frontman Jordan Rodrigues sings.

Sonically, though, Ghost scores vibrancy onto the face of Australiana alt-rock. A limitless bass line, a sweltering rhythm, and Jordan’s robust vocals all combine into an irresistible and fresh new addition to the nation’s sonic catalogue.


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Jordan will be playing an intimate Snowfish set at @hamiltonstationhotel tonight at 9pm 👍🏽 with @chloe_parker2002 playing afterwards 👌🏽

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“The song is about feeling overwhelmed by the unrelenting masses of information online. The song is narrated by a character who has become so disenchanted with the online world that they wish to escape from its grasp on their life,” Jordan explains about the track.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered at the Central Coast’s The Grove Studios, Ghost is easily one of this year’s strongest debuts. Rugged, detailed, and completely irresistible, we’re on the edge of our seats waiting to see what the Newcastle trio delivers next.

Check out the single below: