Want to get your band’s new single recorded at Enmore Audio?

Finding a recording studio can be one of the toughest aspects of getting your new act off the ground. Even getting in touch with a studio can sometimes prove troublesome, yet it’s a step every band will have to take eventually.

As part of our Issue 10 Fundraiser, we’re opening the doors of our recording studio Enmore Audio to a select few backers. If you want to get into the space where we’ve recorded the likes of Last Dinosaurs, Alex Lahey, Angie McMahon and more, this could be your chance.

enmore audio happy mag issue 10
Photo: Dani Hansen

Want to record your next single at Enmore Audio? We’re offering Issue 10 backers who contribute $1500 dollars or more the full studio experience.

By pledging $1500 or more towards our Issue 10 Fundraiser, you’ll get the opportunity to record a single at Enmore Audio. We’ll open the doors to you, assisting with engineering and production from the moment you lay down your first note to the second you receive your mixed and mastered track.

Enmore Audio is a three room studio in Sydney’s Inner West which has been running for several years. Recently they launched Live At Enmore, a series of filmed sessions with Australia’s finest artists. The team who runs these sessions will be the same team attending to your single.

Learn more about Enmore Audio’s studio and their approach to production, mixing and mastering here.

By pledging to Happy Mag Issue 10 you will play a critical role in supporting Australian print media, something we care about deeply. Your contribution will go solely to the production, manufacturing and distribution of 5,000 copies of the new mag – which will even include a personal thank you from us!

Check out the recording session and a range of other pledge options on the Issue 10 Kickstarter.