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Warm Audio launches the Foxy Tone Box and Jet Phaser

Warm Audio make their guitar pedal debut with faithful recreations of vintage fuzz and phaser stomp boxes: the Foxy Tone Box and Jet Phaser

Throughout the last decade, Texas-based company Warm Audio have specialised in producing high-end recording products at affordable prices.

Now, they’ve entered the guitar pedal world with the Foxy Tone Box and Jet Phaser, both of which harness iconic vintage tones. 

Warm Audio Jet Phaser

The original Foxx Tone Machine fuzz pedal was an instant classic when it first emerged in the early ’70s, becoming a favourite amongst many guitarists like Billy Gibbons, Peter Frampton and later Matt Bellamy of Muse fame. The Foxy Tone Box brings “the fury of the vintage pedal to the present day”, authentically recreating the original Tone Machine right down to the velvet-covered exterior.

The Foxy Tone Box allows you to dial in those classic tones with Volume, Tone and Sustain knobs. But what sets it apart is its additional octave switch that, when engaged, shifts your guitar up an octave adding a bright new dimension to this legendary fuzz.

The Roland Jet Phaser pedal was quickly adopted by Larry Graham as the core of his modulated bass sound with Sly and The Family Stone.  Warm Audio’s Jet Phaser is an authentic recreation of this famous unit, sharing its versatile sonic capabilities and striking looks.

The Jet Phaser comes with six modes: two Phase modes and four Jet modes. The two Phase options differ between being a subtle and more exaggerated effect, but things get a little more out of control with the Jet modes, which provide varying fuzz onslaughts paired with phasing.

For more details on these vintage recreations, head over to the Warm Audio website.