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Watch Alex the Astronaut perform ‘Caught in the Middle’ Live at Enmore

Alex the Astronaut recently visited the Live at Enmore studios. Check out the stripped-back and stunning performance of her new single, Caught in the Middle.

Despite the disruptions that have affected everyone in 2020, it’s been a pivotal year in the career of Alex the Astronaut. With a freshly-minted debut album in the bag, the Sydney artist — who has already garnered attention in Australia and around the world — is poised for even bigger things.

She joined the Live at Enmore team for a special solo rendition of her recent single, Caught in the Middle. Replete with signature wistfulness, the performance was the perfect showcase for Alex the Astronaut’s unique storytelling abilities.

Alex the Astronaut Live at Enmore Caught in the middle

Travelling light with only a guitar in hand, Alex’s songcraft did all the talking. But before she stepped up to the mic, she had this to say about the song:

It’s about being at a party with a bunch of people that I haven’t seen in a while“, and further, “it’s a really nice song for me to sing because I get to talk about all my friends and family.

Watch the performance below:

Caught in the Middle appears on Alex the Astronaut’s debut album The Theory of Absolutely Nothing. For more information, visit the website.