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Watch Babitha perform ‘The Clown’ Live at Enmore

Babitha The Clown

The self-described ‘sad gal country’ stylings of Babitha came to the Live at Enmore studios recently. Usually, the project of Imogen Grist performs as a band and recently did so at the Happy Mag Issue 14 Launch. This time, however, it was a special solo performance of The Clown.

Sparse and haunting, The Clown features lyricism that cuts straight to the bone.Babitha The Clown

Babitha was the most recent guest at the Live at Enmore studios. She delivered a spacious, haunting and heartfelt performance of The Clown.

The singer-songwriter explained the meaning behind the song before she hit the studio:

It’s a message to anyone that needs to slow down a bit, maybe they’re partying too much, they’re putting on this facade“, and further, “it’s like a tender way of saying, you don’t have to do it, it’ll be alright.”

Check out the performance below:

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June 5, 2020

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