Indulge in the seductive splendor of Janelle Monáe’s “Lipstick Lover” emotion picture

Prepare to be seduced by the scintillating sounds and visuals of Janelle Monáe, music’s foremost freeassmuthafucka, as she unveils her electrifying new video, “Lipstick Lover.”

Janelle Monáe, has graced us with her scintillating new single, “Lipstick Lover,” a sonic concoction that sets the world ablaze.  As if that weren’t enough, brace yourself for the hella sexy official video, directed by the unstoppable duo of Janelle Monáe and Alan Ferguson, premiering today.

Monáe continues to push boundaries, challenge norms, and grace us with her artistic brilliance. Get ready to be swept away by her indomitable spirit and unparalleled talent. This is an experience you won’t want to miss.

“Lipstick Lover” not only signals the arrival of Monáe’s highly anticipated album, “THE AGE OF PLEASURE,” set to drop on June 9, but it also serves as a bold proclamation of her artistic prowess.

Celebrating this extraordinary musical evolution, Monáe graced the cover of EBONY Magazine’s March issue, embodying her fullest self. As the magazine aptly puts it, we are perhaps witnessing the queerest and, by association, the Blackest era of Monáe’s artistry. It’s a testament to her unapologetic expression and her unrivaled ability to captivate and challenge conventions.

Janelle Monáe stands tall as one of the most celebrated artists of our time. With eight GRAMMY® Award nominations to her name, she reigns as a singer, songwriter, producer, performer, and fashion icon whose inimitable style and visionary sound have mesmerized audiences worldwide. But her impact goes beyond the music—it’s in her unwavering dedication to social justice and the LGBTQIA+ community that she solidifies her place as one of the most compelling and essential artists of our generation.

So, join us in immersing ourselves in the irresistible allure of “Lipstick Lover” and the forthcoming masterpiece that is “THE AGE OF PLEASURE.”