Watch Jimmy Page in a Hawaiian shirt play a surprise gig with The Beach Boys in 1985

Jimmy Page, legendary session guitarist, member of The Yardbirds and co-founder of Led Zeppelin, found himself at a small loss for what to do in the ’80s.

Led Zep were no more, and the result was an entire decade of guest appearances, cheeky collaborations with Graham Nash and Paul Rodgers, and even a soundtrack under his belt (Death Wish II).

Below you’ll find one of the more unexpected surprise appearances, a duo of shows with The Beach Boys in 1985.

jimmy page the beach boys 1985

Is that you, Jimmy Page? Behold as a mysterious shredder, clad in a top-shelf Hawaiian shirt, tears it up with The Beach Boys in 1985.

The band give plenty of room to play, even calling out his name before solos more than once. Given his fame at the time, it’s hardly a surprise (just look at the crowd go).

The first half of the clip covers a daytime performance, while the second half shows a performance which occurred later that night. Peep it all below.

Via Guitar Player.